Tremiti islands


The Tremiti Islands, with possible excursions to the archipelago and visits to the enchanting sea caves, can be easily reached thanks to the service of motorboats departing from the new Marina di Rodi Garganico.

The Tremiti islands

The Tremiti archipelago is reflected in water with emerald transparencies and represents an admirable concentration of natural beauty thanks to the fabulous natural scenery of beaches and inlets, rocks and cliffs, suggestive caves, rocks, stacks, coves, pine groves and Mediterranean scrub. The small archipelago consists of three major islands: San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia. To visit the Benedictine Abbey and the church of Santa Maria a Mare. The seabed in front of the islands is a place for fantastic scuba diving, unanimously recognized as an integral marine reserve.

The seabed of islands